sea hawks

sea hawks

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Sold us the island for 5 dollars

Obviously they sold us the island for five dollars because something terrible has inhabited the island and the people on the island have to feed the moster or it will swim to civilization and start destroying all of the people on earth. But little did the people selling us the island know that me and my 6 friends have abilities.. special abilitities, not to be tampered with. half of us can shape shift and the other half have the power of telacanesis. But since there's seven of us one of the people didn't have powers because that wouldnt be fair to either side so Jared is just a regular guy. but once we got on the island little did we know that the island wass actually  the monster and everytime we said a word with an f or a q in it, it would slowey start to eat our feet until we were dead. Jared died first, half of us flew away cause we could shape shift into birds and the people with telacanisis all combined there powers and convinced the island to kill its self with a gigantic hand gun. then everyone was saved, except Jared, he didnt make it. Oh well.
five-dollar island

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