sea hawks

sea hawks

Thursday, November 21, 2013


I) where did you go? 
- we went around the janitor room and the hairstyling room to see what the adult were talking about as appose to what kids our age would say 
II) how long did you listen to the conversation?
- we listened to the janitors for about 5 minutes and the hairstylists for about 4 minutes 
III) who was is between?
-it was between 3 janitors and a hairstylist and someone getting their haircut 
IV) how did it feel to be recording the conversation? 
-creepy lol 

2. What insists did you gain about the way people speak?

we noticed that the janitors were pretty opinionated and the third janitor wasn't very talk-a-tive and just more listened, the first janitor wouldn't take a advice and both insisted that there point of view was right.

3. How can you apply this to your writing ? 
This can apply to your writing by giving perspectives of people you may not interact with on a daily basis and give a realistic point of view about a character you may be writing about. is personality and character released though conversation/dialogue?

You can tell a lot about some ones personality about how they talk in there conversation. Like for example one of the janitors was very persistent and had to be right so you can kind of assume that that is always his personality. And the one janitor didn't talk to much so you can kind of assume he's more of a wall flower.

5. What happens when more than two people participate in a conversation? 

It seems that two people more take over the conversation ad the third person kind of lays back and listens more, the third person with the janitors chimed in every once and a whole but not nearly as much as the first two

6. What was the most surprising thing you've learned about the way people converse? 

I learned that different people converse very similar to the way me and my friends converse, I thought that the hairstylists and janitors would interact a lot different then I'm used to but the conversations were very similar. I think people unviversally talk very similar 

7 what are the differences between spoken conversation and written conversation? 

Spoken conversation makes it easier to inderstand what the person is saying and how they're trying to convey their message because you can physically see and hear the body language and tone of the speech, something you can't with written text 

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