sea hawks

sea hawks

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Reading assignment #6- Book: Tweak, Author: Nic Sheff, Page:157,

From the prespective of Gack, Nic and, Lauren

1.@nicster: Back in sanfransico, gunna get some of that good dope and light it up #turn #up

2.@gackattack: yo, got some of that good, text me or my dad if you need a hookup #buisness #ballin

3.@Laurenn: so done with this rehab center, cant wait to get out and finally have some freedom   #sodone

4-12.@nicster: So fortunate I met my boy @gackattack never would have surivived if he wasnt here #blessed

(reply) @gackattack: @nicster just as fortunate man, but no more of this soft crap!!! dont want people thinking we've gone soft #ballin

(reply)  @Laurenn: @nicster @gackattack hey boys dont forget about me ;) you guys need me more then anything and don't you forget it!!

(reply) @nicster: @laurenn @gackattack yea..... jk babe of course <3 can I come by later

(reply) @gackattack: @laurenn @nicster enough with this mushy stuff! seriously its getting gross..#comeonguys

(reply) @laurenn: @gackatttack @nicster Don't pretend you dont like it ;p and i don't know babe.. maybe closesr around 12 #parents

(reply) @nicster: @gackattack @laurenn you got it babe :) and gack you can just leave.. #cryaboutit

(reply) @gackattack: @nicster @laurenn alright enough of this #textme

(reply) @nicster: @gackattack @laurenn kk ill text youu both later #peace!

13-15@nicster: Don't really know what im even doing here anymore. thinking about just leaving... idk #confused #why

(reply) @laurenn: @nicster why are you saying this babe :( just come over and we'll talk ...

(reply) @nicster: @lauren I don't know babe, maybe not tonight, just gotta figure some stuff out

16.@gackattack: Yo running out quick, buy up!!! #hurryup #getitwhileitshot

17.@laurenn: you gotta believe in yourself #encourage

18-25.@nicster: leaving sanfransico, gotta clear my head #peace!!

(reply) @gackattack: @nicster Dude don't make any rash decisions, come over well do a shot and youll feel better #brothers

(reply) @nicster:  @gackattack cant man I gotta figure stuff out on my own for a bit, I have tostart living my life

(reply) @gackattack: @nicster alright man but when you come to your senses gimme a call!! #youllbeback

(reply) @nicster: @gackattack yea will do man!

(reply) @laurenn: why are doing this!! call mee :(

(reply) @nicster: K I will if I get the chance #loveyou

(reply) @laurenn: you better call.... #worried

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