sea hawks

sea hawks

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Laundry mat of horror writing prompt

A pale green light was the only thing keeping the building from complete darkness. Spider webs and dust covered the walls and John was overcome with a smell of rotting fruit, he didn't know why but for some reason he was compelled to keep moving forward into the laundry mat, he has no idea why he came to this laundry mat or even how he got there. The only thing john can focus on now is his surroundings. As he walks down the empty aisle he feels a chiver crawl up his spine slowly like frozen spiders. His heart is beating so hard against his chest  that he can almost hear it. finally he decides to turn around and leave when something catches his eye, he turns around quickly to see what it was but nothing was there, he waits a second and looks around to make sure that what he saw was just his mind playing tricks on him. At that point the blood had left his finger tips and his knees started to shake. Then he heard something. A scratching sound like a person scratching there skin along with a subtle soft banging. He realized the noise was coming from a dryer. Fear and sickness over came him but still he slowly arched his back to see what was inside. As he slumped slower an slower towards the window, he started to lose all feeling, he could no longer feel the cold air on his neck nor the rotten smell of laundry mat. Just john and the window in a room of darkness. Finally his eyes met the window. John couldn't remember what he saw in the dryer. He couldn't even remember if the laundry mat was real. All he could remember was the smell of rotten fruit and the pale green light of the laundry mat that his friends say never existed

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