sea hawks

sea hawks

Wednesday, November 13, 2013


I would ng make them build me everything I wanted, they would steal the material and I would ask for things. Firstly I would get them to make me a chair, but not just any old chair but a grand chair meant for a king. It would have a tv built into it and it would also have a soda machine and it would be awesome. Also I would get them to carry out my bidding like sabatoging people so I could further persue the things I want to persue. And at the end of the week we would have this huge party and everyone would be invited and the minions would have to pay for it with money they've aquirred. Oh and they would all be wearing suits and glasses like the men in black. and they would follow me around like my entorage and if any one tried to mess with me they would have to deal with my minions. Oh and they would make my pizza whenever I asked.

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