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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Buried life project

Authors Note:

My name is Colin Jackson. I was born February 12th 1996 in Winnnipeg Manitoba. I live at home with my parents and older brother. I grew in St.James and gone to school here my whole life. Ive been playing Lacrosse and Hockey since I was 4 years old and I would say those two things are my passions. These past few months me and my peers have been forced to decide what we will want to do for the rest of our lives. Which is why this project couldnt have come at a better time. The first thing that came to my mind when thinking about this project was going to college. Its all ive been really focused on for the past 6 months and now as the time gets closer it's starting to become more of a reality. But then I asked myself what would I do after that? that's not the only dream I have. So I made a list of just over 50 things I wanted to do before I die, and this is that list.

1. Go to Norway
2. Go to Australia
3. Play College Lacrosse
4. Relax
5. Do stand up comedy
6. Write a book
7. Have a family
8. Road trip across Canada
9. Get a job that's worth while
10. Drive a ferrari
11. Learn to cook
12. Get a back tattoo
13. Meet Will Ferrel
14. Go to a NHL playoff game
15. Graduate highschool
16. Get my motercycle license
17. Learn an instrument
18.  Watch every episode of Suits
19. Cliff jumping
20. Turn up
21. Sky dive
22. Go to tomorrow land
23. Opear in another country
24. Play another year of box lacrosse
25. Make it rain
26.Beat a video campaign in out night
27. Be on big brother Canada
28. Go to the just for laughs festival
29. Ride a mechanical bull
30. Go to the Olympics
31. Save someone
32. Get in a fight
33. Do something that will let me live on forever
34. Grow a beard
35. Finish my burried life project
36. 3 wrap challenge
37. Do something legendary
38. Win a highschool championship
39. Shoot a moose
40. Break a record
41. Have a fireworks fight with roman candles
43. Karaoke
44. Teach my kid how to skate
45. Coach a lacrosse team and get payed
46. Go live in a place where I dont know anything
47. wake up every day like its my last
48. Go hunting in the yukon
49. Play an instrument
50. Make it rain
51. Watch all the lord of the rings and star wars in one night
52. write a script
53. Run a marathon

Now what:

So now I have to work on completing my first goal which is playing college lacrosse. I have already went down on some trips to possible schools and written my SATs. Ive been accepted to one of my top two schools and just finished applying to the other one so now when I get an answer I will make my final decesion. Its scary but I couldnt be more excited.


Thursday, January 9, 2014

Short Story Reflection

(1) How did your story ideas start? Where did you find your inspiration? I can’t remember when I was inspired to write the story, It was probably from an old t.v. show or movie  but I thought that it would have been a cool short story for a long time so I thought that this would be the perfect opportunity. Plus Jared helped fine tune some ideas and spelling and I really liked the way that it turned out.


(2) How did your project change over the course of creating it? Well I had a basic idea of how the story would end and how the basic story line would go But as we were writing it new ideas formed and it the story started to change and get better with more detail. It was also better that we got to make our own visiual because we could be totally creative and we had an idea of what we wanted to do from stage 1. We didn’t have to completely adapt the story as we kept writing.


(3) How/why did you select your Social Media platform? How does it link to your short story? The story wasn’t really based around a very social boy so it was kind of hard to accommodate the social media aspect. So our character chose twitter and he uses twitter as more of a blog because he knows not a lot of people will follow him and he’s able to speak his mind freely . In that sense it doesn’t really link to the story but considering Franklin was the kind of kid that he is this would be the best kind of social media for his personality. We thought about using Instagram or something like that but we thought it might be hard to capture Franklins interests with pictures.


(4) What part of your project are you most proud of? I think I’m most proud of the story. I drew the visual and it didn’t come out as well as I wanted it to and the social media aspect was kind of hard to tie in but I thought the story itself was good. I liked how it was simple and easy to follow unlike a lot of stories nowadays. The only thing that I wish I had done more was lengthen the story a little because I thought that it kind of ended abruptly. But it was fun putting all of your ideas onto paper and making a story.


(5) What did you learn about yourself as a reader/writer/thinker/creator? I learned that it is hard to put what you’re thinking into words. You want to convey a certain message but after reading what you just wrote down you realize that it doesn’t sound right. That’s kind of something I learned that when rereading your story you have to be partial and try to read it as somebody that has no idea what your stories about to try and find out all the flaws.  I also learned how hard it was trying to create original ideas and story lines that haven’t been done a million times before.


(6) If you worked with a partner, give me specifics about each partners work load. Who worked on what? Why? Me and Jared split up the work pretty evenly. I wrote the story and made the visual and Jared helped cretic the story and he made the twitter account and all the tweets. Jared had to make all of the tweets after I was done writing the story to make all the tweets to see what kind of character Franklin was and he also helped me with a lot of spelling and grammatical errors I made.


(7) Is there anything else Ms. McLauchlan needs to know to fully appreciate your project? Special touches you put on the project? I think Just the fact that we drew our own visual because that’s more work we had to do to help the reader visualize our characters story.


(8) Advice to future students working on this project? Try to make sure that your social media aspect is definitely included in the story because for our story it was hard to include the social media. Our character loved to read and was very conservative so being social online was kind of a stretch for us. Even making the tweets was hard in the perspective of Franklin.

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Short Story

Franklin Chesterfield
By: Colin Jackson & Jared Courchene
  Once upon a time, in a small town not too far away, lived a young boy named Franklin Chesterfield. Franklin wasn’t a regular young man, while his peers were running around and playing tag and other things, Franklin would spend his days with his head in books and his mind slowly wandering off to far places he dreamed to see. Franklin was short with shaggy blond hair. He wore the same raggedy red sweater and torn jeans every day and was very soft spoken. When franklin was very young his parents got into a terrible accident which they did not survive so franklin was forced to live with his old aunt Helen. Helen was a mean woman. She only wore her hair in a tightly wrapped bun along with a withered long black dress. 

Not only was aunt Helen a mean woman in general but she was especially mean to Franklin. Everyday Franklin would sit in is room and try to drown out the constant screaming and nagging brought on by his forced legal guardian. But franklin was able to find joy in the smallest places. One of Franklin’s biggest obsessions was with toast. Nothing special, nothing unordinary, just regular buttered toast. Franklin loved toast so much he would dream about it. Unfortunately however franklin’s Aunt Helen rarely let him enjoy his favorite snack.

 “Franklin put down those tattered books and go wash those crummy dishes you’re always leaving everywhere!”  She would scream.

But Franklin never retaliated. He did as he was told and returned to his room to wait for his Aunts next demand. But Franklin’s life was not all misery, when franklin felt like getting away he had his own sanctuary, a place where he could go and experience the world through his eyes without being disturbed. And that’s where our story begins.

One day franklin was finishing washing the kitchen floor when his Aunt Helen walked slowly through the door way with her arms crossed. “Franklin?” She said.

Franklin looked up startled without saying anything while still holding the wet cloth in his hand.

 “Would you like some toast?” Helen continued.

Franklin looked up at his Aunt like a young Oliver Twist and said softly “Yes please.”

“Well you have a lot of chores to do before that, young boys need to learn discipline if they want to succeed.” Aunt Helen replied menacingly.

Franklin put his head down and continued his chores holding on to his built up aggression and bottling it up inside. Franklin finished his chores and went to bed still angry from the incident a few hours earlier. So angry he felt he needed to get away. So he slowly lifted up his bedroom window, climbed down the nearby storm drain and ran as quickly as he could towards the woods. Franklin’s special spot was a big boulder surrounded by low hanging trees in the forest circling his aunt’s house. It was a 5 minute walk to the spot and franklin could find it in his sleep. But on this particular night something amazing happened. He was making the same walk he always did, around the tall trees and through the long grass when he heard something strange in the bushes. “Hello?” said Franklin.

But there was no answer. “Is somebody there?” Franklin asked again.

But there was still no answer. As he crept slower and slower towards the grass he started to see the light. A florescent green light illuminating from the same small bush franklin had seen a thousand times before.  And as he crept slower and slower toward the light, he finally saw it. It was the most beautiful thing he had ever seen. Without talking or even moving franklin and the creature had an instant connection.  Franklin new he had to take it home. So he did. Franklin spent all night with his new friend, just thinking how lucky he had been finding such a magnificent thing in the most unlikely of places. Franklin knew he couldn’t let aunt Helen know about it. She would ruin everything like she always does. So Franklin hid it.  And it stayed hidden for months. It turned into Franklin’s obsession, like he was addicted to it. Every day he had to spend time with his friend or he would start get goose bumps all over his arms accompanied by cold chills that crawled up his spine. It was his everything.  But one day His aunt Helen got suspicious. “What do you do all day just sitting in your room?” she would shriek.

“Nothing.” Franklin would reply and slowly continue up the stairs.

Franklin new that the day where Aunt Helen and his friend would meet was coming soon but He had no idea when. Until one day Aunt Helens curiosity got the best of her. Franklin was in his room sitting crossed legged face towards his bed when Aunt Helen barged in. “what are you doing in her!” she yelled at him abruptly

“Nothing, leave me alone!” Franklin snapped back.

Aunt Helen was taken back. She had never heard her nephew speak to her in that tone.

“That’s It get down stairs and do the dishes this instant!” she replied, trying to take back control of the conversation.

“No I won’t!”  Franklin shouted back. Looking like all his emotions were about to explode through him in a very bad way.

“Do it now” Aunt Helen said quietly with her eye brows furrowed.

Franklin stood up walked past his Aunt Helen and closed the door behind him. Aunt Helen thought to herself and wondered why Franklin would be sitting alone facing the bed. And being her nosey self she just had to know. So she slowly fell to her knees to look under the bed. While this was happening Franklin was walking down the stairs towards the kitchen. But then he suddenly heard a big scream come from his room. He turned his head to see a bright green light fill his room and seep through the cracks of the closed door. Franklin turned around slowly, walked down the tall staircase, walked into the empty kitchen and treated himself to a couple pieces of freshly buttered toast. The End
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Sunday, December 22, 2013


Just started watching the tv show suits, it's so good. If you have a chance go on netflix and check it out 

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Anchorman 2

We went to see anchorman 2 yesterday,
It was funny but it was also pretty stupid. One of my biggest pet peeves so when they take really good first movies and try to make a sequel that couldn't possibly compare. The second movie is always the worst 

Friday, December 13, 2013


You see this gold fish. This is my favorite gold fish. He belongs to mrs.blankenborg but I plan on pulling off a master heist to claim him as my own. Then well live out the rest of our days together. Me and general side eyes. 

Monday, December 9, 2013

Christmas tree

Mom just put up the Christmas tree today, it doesn't have lights yet but I think it kind of looks cool with out lights