sea hawks

sea hawks

Monday, September 16, 2013

Reading tweets #2

After reading more of this book it keeps getting harder and harder to read, I find myself feeling literally sick #disgusting #needles 

One of the quotes that was hard to read was about how the main character would miss his veins and pump meth into his muscles #painful 

Nic and gack say that there gunna take nic's 2500$ and try to start selling meth themselves and make a tone of money #bigidea 

"It was like this horrible viscous cycle. The more I used, the more I did things I was ashamed of, and the more I had to used to never face that" #favquote 

I find it disturbing how gack sells meth with his dad, not to mention his dad brings dudes back to the apartment they sell meth out of #weird 

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