sea hawks

sea hawks

Monday, September 16, 2013

reading survey

My experiences with reading has changed through out school. In elementary school reading was kind of celebrated and it was cool trying to expand your knowledge and learn through reading. But in middle school reading fell by the way side. I started to find it boring and I had started to get interested in other things like sports and new friends so reading was the last thing on my mind. I never really liked reading again till a couple years ago in grade 10. Before it was just a way to obtain information but I realized you can experience things through reading that you cant get from other things like t.v. or  movies. With books you can imagine the setting and characters the way you want too. that's something you can only get from reading, the ability to use your imagination but still have it guided by the plot. When you watch movies or t.v. your just retaining information but when you read it forces your mind to use your imagination and that's a tool that can improve your creativity and understanding and that can help you with so many other aspects in your life. My favorite book that I've ever read I think was old yeller. it was a really good story with an even better ending. after reading the book then watching the movie it really emphasises how good the book actually was. This semester I really want to broaden my understanding of literature and writing so it can help me when I go into communication courses out of the country. I have an interest in communications and media studies and I think one day I might want to become a writer or stage director but I feel that my ability to write isn't as good as it should be yet. so that's something I want to improve on. I like though how our class is based around technology because it makes being able to write and keep track of your progress way easier. I keep all of my information on my phone and the fact that I'm already on my phone for pretty much the whole class is kind of a bonus. like the only thing I really read is my twitter, I never really tweet I just follow a bunch of people. It's kind of just another way of getting information.

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