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sea hawks

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Dialogue post

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Robot Suicide

"Are you sure you want to do this?" 12v5 asked quietly.

"You can't feel anything in this body, what's the point of the so called life if you can't feel anything? the touch of the grass, the wind on your face, these are thing I dont want to live without anymore." 24RS replied.

"How do you even know this is going to work?" 12v5 said skeptically

"I don't, this is how humans do it in movies. Why wouldn't it work for us, right?"

"Well what if it does work?" 12v5 said angirly. "Your just going to leave me and 36S by ourselves? How selfish can you be? we're going to have to wait until our batteries die to see you again. Assuming that that would even work!" 12v5 found himself overcome with a feeling he had never felt before. A sicking turning in his stomach. He was so angry he wanted to break down the steal door at the top of the stairs and smash the little black and white t.v in th corner into a million pieces. All the while wanting to walk into the corner and just shutdown forever.

24RS walked up to 12v5 and put his hand on his shoulder "12v5 you've got to understand that this is what I want"

"I dont see how anyone could want this." 12v5 said shaking his head.

" I believe there's something more out there then green screens and flashing lights, I have to."

"like what?" 12v5 replied.

"I'm not sure, I guess I'm about to find out."

24RS walked over to the old dusty rocking chair that sat under the tattered rope hanging from one of the seiling rafters. Slowly he pulled himself up balancing on the chair and wraped the small circular ring around his neck. 24RS looked around the room slowley one last time as he tried feeling his metal outter pannaling one last time. Finally he kicked the chair, As the rope tightend the room was almost silent.

"24RS?" 12v5 asked quitely. There was no reply

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