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sea hawks

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Cell phones- the teachers of tomorrow

How influential is progress to our society? Our whole society is based on change for the better. It doesn't make sense to me why everything else would be adapting for the future and hold back kids the ability to use portable technology to help them learn. I believe that cell phones should be used and embraced in school

I believe that cell phones make school easier and better. Considering how many kids have cell phones, there is a surprisingly low number of kids who cheat. Only 3 % of kids have admired to cheating on tests with cell phone . Parents and teachers don't know how to react o kids with cell phones because they didn't have them in their generation. Just because kids have cheated on test before in the past, people stereotype every one with a phone to be a Cheater. People have been distracting themselves in school since the begging of time and frankly the benefits out way the disadvantages Immensely

I think teachers should embrace cell phones in school, here are some interesting facts. 51% of 12 year old kids have cell phones, 53% of kids have cell phones at 13 and 72% of kids use their cell phones in class when there are no restrictions. If teachers used the technology today to help kids learn, information could be used quickly and efficiently and most important productively. There would be Internet access, access to apps, access to calculators and having all these thing in one tool capfuls save you thousands.

Having cell phones accessible in class is my ideal classroom. People could be doing essays by texting or download a math tutor app or even just looking up a word they didn't understand in the dictionary. Of course there would be rules like no texting during class or no phones during tests but other than that I can't see many draw back. It really just putting the fate of the kids in their own hands and trusting them to be responsible.

So in conclusion, I fully agree to having cell phones in school. Cell phones are a part of our everyday day life and if we don't learn to use them productively it will destroy us. it affects everyone, including you.

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