sea hawks

sea hawks

Monday, April 2, 2012

24 hour technology experiment

I choose to do the experiment where you had to document every time you came in contact with technology

I realized that I am connecting with a piece of technology constantly, I ran out I room on my log because there were so many postings, it really gave me an idea on how much people rely On there technology, like people 80 years ago must have had to go outside and stuff to entertain themselves,

I learned that I spend a lot of my time using technology, I'll sit on the coach with a laptop and phone while watching t.v, and If I ever drift off in thought i instantly check my phone when I come back to reality and I'm constantly updating my Facebook to see what's happend in the last 5 seconds and looking back on it now it's sort of ridiculous, but on the other hand what else would I do in my spare time

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