sea hawks

sea hawks

Thursday, March 8, 2012


1. One of the biggest concerns is that Kony 2012 is over simplifying Ugandan politics
2. The second concern is that they want the western government to support the Ugandan and sudan government who have been known to loot and rape people
3. The third concern I that only a third of the money being raised is being sent to Africa and the rest is used for media an other things

Is response he kony 2012 project said that all there financial records are open to see what they do with their money, they said that no matter what thy had to work with he Ugandan government to catch this war lord and they had to put the basic information like that so people could understand the basic idea I what the cause was for.

I think the cause is definitely legitimate, and I think that the only reason that there a skeptics out there is because people want to hate because they have nothing better to do the go against the flow of the social crowd while trying to sound smart by bringing up the opposite side of an argument that obviously shouldn't exist because tits for such a good cause, the way I see it is that instead of focusing on the superficial aspects of popular media we can focus on stuff that truly matters in the world

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